At LEMAN, we live off happy customers

1. November

We have the best customer care in the industry, but it is still extremely important for us to constantly improve.
And our customers actually help us with that.
Because they tell us how we can improve, and they do this via the short, precise customer satisfaction survey we regularly ask them to complete.
The surveys only take between 30 and 60 seconds to complete, and the feedback is invaluable to us because it keeps us updated with our customers’ needs and their wishes.
In the coming weeks, we will send out our latest survey to our customers, and we look forward to the responses pouring in so that we can analyze them and work on any potential improvements.
For us, an optimal customer experience is about mutual respect and joint commitment, so that together we can continue to raise the quality of our work.

So, if you are a LEMAN customer today, we look forward to receiving your reply - and if you are not a LEMAN customer today, you should become one 😉