Integration solutions

Easy and transparent

Simplicity and effectiveness

When we onboard a customer with EDI connectivity, using LEMAN’s standard formats, we offer simplicity and effectiveness for our customers making it easy and transparent for both customer and LEMAN to do business collaboratively.  

An EDI standard format is: 

  • XML
  • X12

EDI exchanges various types of documents and data such as: 

  • Booking
  • Status
  • Invoice

Fully compliant

LEMAN can integrate to any operating EDI standard

- and are fully compliant with global standards and regulations.  

By using standard formats, you benefit from: 

  • Shorter implementation period 
  • Less consumption of IT resources by a factor of 7 compared to customized set ups
  • Each standard format can be implemented within one day
  • IT commits to fast tracking customers who comply with standard formats 
  • Customers who use standard formats experiences less operational issues 

Achievements using standards: 

  • Significantly improving business efficiency 
  • Reducing administrative work
  • Reducing implementation time and complexity 
  • Reliable data exchange
  • Cost effective
  • Lower cost of data management
  • Less typing errors

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